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Caroline Corser

the studio


"The Voice with a Smile"


American English and Spanish

Texas/Southern Dialect

Types of Recordings Offered

Commercials for radio, TV, radio imaging and other short recordings

Documentaries, audiobooks, business presentations and other long recordings

Dubbings and voice acting for TV, films, video games, etc.

Phone and voice systems including on-hold messages

Voice "Ages"

Young Adult, Middle Age, Senior, and Child Characters


Home Studio using Pro Tools (MP3/WAV/AIFF and CD Overnight)


Non-Union or Financial Core

Voice Description

Soft, loving mother; feisty grandmother; expert professional; friendly neighbor; Texas farm gal; quiet, comfortable story teller; lively, animated young business woman …just about any female voice over thirty. You may hear samples of my basic voices on my demo CD, and I can show you many more in audition.


I have trained with recognized experts in commercials, including Dolores Diehl, Roger Scott, and Brian Cummings, and I have studied audiobook and documentary narrations with award-winning narrators Stefan Rudnicki and Stephen Hoye. I am also a graduate of the Voices for All Master Class in L.A.

Additional Skills

As a writer and past professor of English composition, I can immediately grasp the intention of the most complex copy and convey it to the listener with just the right delivery to make its message interesting and meaningful. Having directed stage productions and coached students in interpretive reading and acting, I understand what directors expect and follow directions well. I am comfortable in any recording studio, or I can work on my own in my Pro Tools-based home studio and provide quality MP3/WAV/AIFF recordings, delivered promptly and efficiently.


Ventura County, California (Los Angeles area)

About Caroline

Caroline’s voiceover commercials and narrations are enhanced by her skills as a writer and professor of English composition. She can immediately grasp the intentions of your copy and convey them to the listener with just the right delivery to make your message interesting and meaningful. 

She is a mature, no-nonsense voice-over actor with a charming sense of humor. Caroline's unique voice makes her performances stand out among the others. She can do warm, intimate pieces; professional business copy; or cordial, grandmotherly stories.

Caroline is a polished narrator for audio books and documentaries. She has trained with award-winning audio book narrators Stefan Rudnicki and Stephen Hoye, as well as other Hollywood voiceover specialists, and continues to hone her skills with classes in acting and commercial voiceover.

Caroline also brings special talent to a wide range of voices for commercials of all types. Her voices include: a feisty grandmother; a warm, loving mother; an expert professional; a friendly neighbor; a Texas farm hand…just about anyone over thirty.

Caroline understands what directors expect and follows directions well, having herself directed stage productions and coached students in interpretive reading and acting. As a professional voice-over actor, she gives her all to every performance.

Comments about Caroline's voice

Andrea Langworthy, Voice Coach, Voices for All

"Great Job! Sounds really pleasant, inviting and sincere…I can hear your smile! You are VERY well suited for Audiobooks Caroline!!!!"

Roger Scott, Voiceover Actor/Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

"Caroline Corser – vibrant… creative… professional… one of my most promising students ever."

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I just like to hear her voice

by Caroline Corser

It all started when my son moved with his family from near my home in California to Oklahoma. My granddaughter, Sophie, was a preschooler, and I missed her very much. I didn’t want to lose the warm bond that we had been building through her first years.

When I read in the AARP magazine that a grandparent can keep in touch with distant grandchildren through audiotapes, I got an idea. I could buy a picture book with a story line and read it to her on tape. She would have both the tape and the book, and she could follow along in the book as she listened to the story.

I chose a book about a young mouse who wanted to be a ballerina. As I recorded the story, I paused at the end of each page to tell her to turn the page. That way she could keep up with me and feel like she was actually reading the book herself. She enjoyed my gift so much that I started sending a new book and tape for every special occasion, and soon she had quite a collection of books recorded by Grandma Caroline.

According to her mother, it became a tradition that she would listen and "read" one of my stories every night after she got in bed. Then one day, her mother sent me an e-mail telling me about Sophie’s latest experience with my gifts. She was in bed listening to one of my tapes, but she didn’t have the book with her. When my daughter-in-law asked Sophie if she wanted her to bring the book, Sophie said, "No, I just like to hear her voice."

My heart overflowed at those words, and I couldn’t forget about them. As I kept thinking about the pleasure I got from reading those stories and hearing Sophie’s response, I wanted to do more. Maybe I could use my voice to bring that pleasure to others.

I couldn’t stop myself. I checked on the Internet and discovered, to my delight, that there were amazing and wonderful opportunities in the field of voice-over. And there were classes in many different aspects of the industry, taught by professional voice-over actors. I was thrilled as I contemplated the possibilities. This could be a new career for me. I was retired from teaching and only giving occasional motivational speeches.

I started taking classes and continued for the next two years (140 hours of training altogether) learning the complexities of every type of voice-over skills—and loved every minute of every one of them. Now, I know I have found my calling. I am eager to read and interpret the printed words created by others, and I’m sure other people will "like to hear her voice," too.


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